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                Military Equipment

                High-performance physical simulation test equipment (swing tester) is ideal for testing ship …

                Energy-saving technology and product


                The factory has 188 equipment including 49 metal cutting …

                Intelligent Technology and Product

                Industrial Service

                • National Earth-moving Machinery Standardization Committee
                • Test Center
                • Journal
                • Association

                In 2004, the committee had 46 committee members and 126 communication members, which is responsible for organizing standard formulation, revision and review, as well as for its promotion, training and consultation. Corresponding international earth-moving machinery standardization ...


                Innovation and Capability

                More than 50 years since founded, Tianjin Research Institute of Construction Machinery has been devoting to the promotion of technical innovation capability, targeting at R&D of frontier and generic technology and advanced technology utilization and leading…

                • Company News
                • Industrial Information

                Company Profile

                Tianjin Research Institute of Construction Machinery has comprehensive capability in generic technology research, perfect test condition, quality inspection, industrial standardization, product development…

                Contact Us

                • Add: No.91, Huashi Road, Beichen Technology Park, Tianjin
                • Tel: 022-26899801
                • Fax: 022-26899802
                • Postal Code: 300409
                • Email: tgy@sprouthi.com
                Copyright@ Tianjin Research Institute of Construction Machinery
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